Scaffolding Equipment Hire | Sales Northland

Scaffolding Hire and Sales Northland

The Summit Scaffolding Northland business plan allows for provision for subbies, independent contractors, and builders who require an option to do the job themselves.

We appreciate that many private individuals enjoy the opportunity to satisfy their Kiwi DIY instinct so rather than employ us our hire and sales division allows them to hire or purchase and install their own scaffold.

Residential Scaffolding Hire or Buy Northland

Scaffolding Hire & Sales Northland

Summit Scaffolding Northland are here and happy to help these individuals get their project underway by using our equipment which are the most efficient, safest and most reliable scaffold systems available. 

At Summit we offer a wealth of knowledge about scaffolding and are happiest when delivering appropriate solutions for your project’s requirements.

All-sized requests are delivered, promptly and efficiently, and it is our pleasure to source all the equipment you need which is located right here, at our premises. 

Scaffolding Hire or Buy Northland

We believe to achieve the best finished product you require the best materials available which is exactly what Summit Scaffolding Northland encourages and endorses. We guarantee that the scaffolding products we manufacture, use ourselves, hire out and sell represent a standard above and beyond that set out in the ‘Good Practice Guidelines for Scaffolding in New Zealand’.

Our experienced team are the right people to talk to about the full range of scaffold products available to hire or buy and we guarantee we will stock exactly what you need or we will order it, on your behalf, within a very short time frame.

Call us and have a chat about our extensive range of high quality scaffolding equipment available for hire – or you can purchase and sell back to us, another option. Contact our Hire and Sales team and they will happily discuss your needs and and will offer advice along with suggestive competitive rates for your equipment hire or purchase requirements.

Scaffolding Equipment for Hire | Sale Northland region

Summit Scaffolding Northland can supply you with access to the following systems:
• KSL Tube and fittings
• Kwikstage System
• Kwikscaff System
• KSL Ringlock System
• KSL Falsework and Propping
• Scaffolding accessories.

Summit Scaffolding Northland for all Scaffolding Hire | Sales Service Northland

We are the people to talk to, backed up by years of experience and knowledge, about the full range of scaffold products available to hire or buy. We also guarantee to either stock exactly what you need or we will order it within a short time frame.

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Scaffolding Equipment Hire and Sale Northland. Branches also in Auckland | Waikato | and Bay of Plenty

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